Year 9 Option Choices - Subjects Offered

Art and Design

Art and Design : Fine Art and Textile Design

Pearson Edexcel – IGCSE Art & Design (9-1)

An education in Art and Design is essential for anyone interested in a career in Architecture, Textiles and Fashion design, Jewellery, Furniture design, Interior design, Graphic design, Digital Art, CGI, as well as the Fine arts of Painting and sculpture. Art develops communication skills and self confidence, problem solving skills and teamwork. Anyone who has a grade C or above and likes Art can learn, through practice, to become good at it. You will be able to work in any way you wish, once you have learned about materials, processes and skills.

The Art & Design Department offers the following IGCSEs:

We recommend that pupils attain a certain percentage in their May examinations in Art & Design in order to study the  syllabuses offered in Fine Art or Textile Design at IGCSE. It is proposed that a pupil who attains a C grade or approximately 55% may opt to study Fine Art or Textile Design. 

In year 10 in Fine Art and Textile design the student’s will have mini projects that will help the students to cover all the processes and techniques needed to be successful at IGCSE. 

In year 11 students will be able to choose what theme/ project they want to pursue. Year 11 deadline for coursework to be completed with final piece 30th January. Year 11 deadline for examination work and final piece is around 10th May. ( These dates can be adjusted by the teacher and exam).  

IGCSE Fine Art

This course is designed to develop your creative thinking. You will develop drawing, painting, printing and collage skills and be introduced to mixed media and some sculpture as well as digital Art and photography using Adobe software. Projects will allow you to explore the work of others and experiment with different media and processes. All projects give you a set amount of time to develop and then produce a Fine Art outcome.  

IGCSE Textile Design

This course covers many of the school’s skills taught in Fine Art and more such as, block printing, image transfer, weaving, screen printing, silk painting, fabric stencilling, fabric dying, using sewing machines, recycled fashion, appliqué and assemblage. You will produce coursework exploring the work of other artists and experiment with the above techniques and processes leading to a final textile based piece of work that can take the form of constructive textiles, furnishing, furniture design, interior design, fashion design and accessories.

An IGCSE in the above will help you learn to develop confidence and become innovative, independent thinkers. The skills that you develop will allow you to pursue work in:

  1.   Observational drawing. Drawing in different media and styles.
  2.   Painting and related media. Painting, drawing, printmaking.
  3.   Three dimensional studies. Sculpture and Ceramics.
  4.   Textile Design. Constructed textile and fashion.
  5.   Digital photography.

In year 11 you will be given a major project, which will form 50% of your final course work assessment, with the other 50% coming from the exam.


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