Year 9 Option Choices - Subjects Offered

Physical Education

Course Description 

Physical Education covers the Cambridge International GCSE curriculum and is viewed by universities as a great qualification to apply theory to real-world situations. Recent KES students have placed in the top 10 in the World for their grades! You study a mixture of theory and practical, with an emphasis of applying your new knowledge to improve your own performance and how to coach others effectively. 


Component 1 (50% of the qualification, click here ) is a written examination (1 hour and 45 minutes), studying: 

Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics

Health fitness and training

Skill acquisition and sports psychology

Social, cultural and ethical influences  

Component 2 (50% of the qualification, click here) is an assessment of 4 team-sports and individual activities. They can be done outside of school i.e. horse-riding and martial arts. There is a long list of activities that can be assessed and we support the students through this process.

Common Questions

Can I take Physical Education just because I enjoy PE? 

Yes, especially if you are normally involved in a school team. It is a great opportunity to be efficient with your time, using your training to form part of your GCSE qualification. You will have extra lessons during the week, however these will be split between practical and theory because there is a great deal of science-based theory involved. It is recommended, though not essential, for students to achieve a “B” grade in PE in Year 9 if they were to be successful in the course. 

What sort of work will I do? 

There will be a mixture of activities, ranging from practical to theory. There is some note-taking in exercising books, however we aim to apply your knowledge as much as possible in a practical setting. We also learn using a variety of techniques, such as using music to learn the pathway of air when we breathe (Respiratory System Rap – Click here).

What careers will GCSE PE help with?

There are a variety of careers that GCSE PE benefits, applying knowledge to real-life situations, i.e. medicine, as you apply theory of medical treatments to ill individuals or business and leisure management, understanding marketing.


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