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Course Description

Over 77% of jobs now require information technology skills at a very high standard. The IGCSE ICT course is not only aimed to prepare you for the workplace, but also to help you discover which aspects of the subject you have an aptitude for. You will also learn skills and techniques, which will assist you in other subject areas. 

This course is not a requirement for specialist university computing courses or computing careers, but success in it will help you work towards becoming an expert end-user of applications software, including word-processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation and website design software.

Although there is a substantial practical element to the course, the theory component is both extensive and demanding. You are also strongly encouraged to make yourself aware of new developments in information technology and its impact on society.

You are also expected to develop a logical approach to problem solving, along with an enquiring and innovative attitude towards applying information and communications technologies to solve practical problems in real-life contexts. It is essential to have access to a computer at home for regular practice of your ICT skills outside of the classes for success in this subject.


  • Paper 1 (1 ½  hours) Written paper – short-answer and structured questions with no choice (50%)
  • Paper 2 (3 hours) Practical paper – taken under examination conditions (50%)

The Future

It will soon not be possible to find a job where computer literacy is not a requirement. Universities now expect all students to be familiar with many aspects of ICT. Examples of specialist computer careers would include:

Systems Analyst

Database Admin.


Network Manager

Web Designer

User Support

IT Manager

Software Engineer

Web Developer

Systems Designer

Systems Manager

Hardware Engineer

Other careers where computer skills have become essential:


Scientific Research


Military Work




Music Industry





A Level Studies

AS and Advanced Level GCE in ICT are no longer offered at KES. Students who wish to further develop their interest and knowledge in computing are advised to refer to the Computer Science course for further information about progression routes.


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