Year 9 Option Choices - Subjects Offered


Why Choose Music?

Music is an opportunity for students to not only engage academically with a subject that is universally appreciated but also allows students to develop their creative skills which is essential in today’s employment and further education market.

In recent times, we have had to approach music in many different ways and many of you have shown just how good you are at making music on your computers. Now you have a chance to take this to another level. 

The department is one of the fastest growing departments in the school with new equipment and software in order to enhance your experience of IGCSE Music.

You will have access to up to date software to use in order to create your own compositions and recordings.

But Music isn’t as important as other subjects! … Is it???

Creative subjects can clearly be the difference between applicants for higher education institutions and employers.

Music is one of the few subjects that can demonstrate your ability to think outside of the box, enhance your collaborative skills, help your development as a confident person in all situations and to become an effective leader.

Taking IGCSE Music doesn’t mean that you have to follow a career in music … but we have the courses and guidance to help you if you wish!

Can I choose Music if I can’t play an instrument?

One of the requirements of this course is to perform one solo piece and one ensemble piece of music within the two years of study. If you can sing or you are willing to learn to play and work on new skills then previous instrumental studies are not always essential. Students that do not currently play an instrument can achieve a grade A, but they will have to work hard!


The course is graded from A* – G and the components are weighted as follows

The Course Units                                               


What you have to do…

Component 1



Everyone is to sit an exam at the end of the two year course consisting of four sections. This course is designed to develop students appreciation and understanding of music through a wide cross section of music from 1600 – the present day including music from Western traditions to world musics.

Component 2



Everyone is required to perform one solo piece and one ensemble piece in which the student will lead a larger group of performers on their chosen instrument or voice. The performances are video recorded and sent to the UK for moderation. Instrumental lessons are available to meet students’ requirements.

Component 3



The students are required to compose two contrasting pieces of music over the two year course, one of which follows a set brief and the other is a free composition. In previous years students have composed songs and other types of music using some of the latest software and facilities available.

What can you do with this qualification in the future?

In terms of Music, past students have gone on to study Music, Music Production and Sound Engineering at very reputable institutions over the past few years. However a large number of our students go on to study Medicine and other disciplines after gaining some wonderful creative experiences and developing skills that help them in the career paths they choose. 

If you are looking at a future in the music world you will find this course helps in the recording and entertainment industries as well as with careers in theatre and performance.  With more appreciation of music and developed skills in many areas, you can further enjoy and succeed in the many different fields covered by this subject. If you have any questions please come and speak to Ms Clarke.


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