Year 9 Option Choices - Subjects Offered


Course Description

History is an excellent option in many ways. You are taught firstly, about the past and why things happened and secondly and more importantly, your ability to argue and to prove your point is developed. Your language skills are expanded, and you are trained to write formal structured answers and to examine some of the more interesting and extreme aspects of history, for example Stalin’s murder of millions of his own people. The study of human behaviour and actions and the historical themes make the course interesting. You will be taught in a variety of methods including discussions, debates, chrome books, documentaries, texts, written work and role plays. 


The following topics are studied and examined as follows:

Paper 1 – International Relations 1919 – 1989.  Depth study: Germany 1918 – 1945

  • How the world struggled to come to terms with life after World War One.
  • The collapse of order and the causes of World War Two.
  • The division of the world into two sides in the Cold War and the collapse of communism. Includes case studies on the Korean War, Cuban missile crisis and the war in Vietnam.
  • The development of the Weimar Government, the rise of the Nazis and life in Nazi Germany.

Paper 2 – This paper is a source paper based on a topic from Paper 1

Paper 4 – Paper 4 is based solely on the Depth study: Germany 1918 – 1945.

The Future

History is of importance in many careers and here are some of them: Teaching, Publishing, Law, Business Management, Politics and diplomacy, Archivist, Marketing, Archaeology, Administration, Banking, Civil Service, Public Relations, Writing and Journalism.


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